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Rapture Generation
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About the author
  Born-again spirit-filled and baptized in the Holy Spirit for over 30 years and called to the prophetic office at the age of 21. Attended Pinecrest Bible School in Salisbury Center upstate N.Y. where it was confirmed I would go in the spirit and power of Jeremiah to the nations. Minister of Music for several charismatic churches leading God’s people into the high praises and worship that can only come from God’s manifest presence.  Moved in the gifts of the Spirit as they operated in various churches and locations that God opened along life’s path . The owner of Christian Bookstore called ‘Born Again’ in Babylon N.Y.; author of an endtime magazine called ‘Manchild Birthwatch’. While raising two wonderful children Daniel and Sharon (both in college now), God opened the doors to go to school for 4 years and graduate with a computer degree. With that degree and over 16 years I went from a computer operator, to programmer, to senior programmer, to systems analyst and finally senior software systems analyst. Through those jobs I learned to gather data and present it in a topical/detail/summary format for both user and management. Behind many requests was analysis and design, logic and flow to see that keying data was as user friendly and error free as possible. Worked in a plant management environment as well as the upper corporate, worked in a country setting as well as heart of major cities. As my knowledge of prophecy grew and God’s plan for the gentile nations, Jews/Israel, Christians/Church each have both a current role and an eternal role in God’s Kingdom. God put it in my heart to use my programming skills to present and teach His Prophetic Word in a topical/detail format for the generation that would see both the rapture and the return of Christ. Most people living in the information age today are familiar with using computers and the internet. They see information presented to them in tables, graphs, images, sound, color with a wide variety of multimedia presentation formats to get their attention. God’s endtime prophecies, visions, parables, are loaded with many symbolism's, types, pictures, stories that when presented in a multimedia environment is very exciting and educational. The main problem in prophecy is putting all the right pieces together in their proper timeframe. This is one of the main reasons why Rapture Generation Christian Ministries was founded.

Patrick Kelly

Founder of Rapture Generation Christian Ministries
Webmaster  Patrick Kelly  pk1324@earthlink.net